We recycle all our waste water through dedicated sewage recycle plant. Recycle of water and sewage is an effective, dependable and economical way of solving the problem of perennial water shortages. Water recycle helps conserve vast volumes of water, while protecting the environ­ment by reducing pollution. The recycled water is suitable for low end purposes such as flushing, gardening, washing, cleaning, after appropriate tertiary treatment.

The gains of recycle results in assured availability of water for process needs as well as low end uses and less re­quirement of fresh water and lower water costs. This will help in additional savings through recovery of valuable by-products for re-use in process and comply with pollution control regulations and consumption/disposal norms.

Rainwater harvesting and Bio-sanitation
Hotel Akash Sarovar recycles all the rainwater, where the water from the roof goes to a storage tank which excludes leaves and other debris. Then the water goes to a header tank located at high level through a submersible pump which is a secondary water system. Rainwater harvesting systems will serve wc’s, swimming pool,(ensuring that the water is of bathing water quality), laundry, car wash, gardening, kitchen crockery/cutlery, pot wash, moping and cleaning purpose. This will clearly offsett the requirement for top up with mains water.Considering that chemical sanitation methods pose serious environmental implications, eco-friendly measures like bio-sanitizer that cleans polluted water without any harmful side effects will be practiced to tackle waste organics.

Bio- sanitizers produce need-based amount of active oxygen and drives ecological reactions that clean pol­luted surface, ground or wastewater. This oxygen-rich water also becomes a resource for eco-sanitation. This will also controls odour , pathogens, and pests such as mosquitoes, flies, cockroaches and rats. It Is placed in bore well and water storage tank to obtain treated water. The in-organics that actually define the sanitation challenge also get corrected and the water becomes a resource for all its intended applications.